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Master Trainer

I’ve been doing something fitness my whole life and coaching it for almost 8 years. Starting out like most young men all I did was build muscle, sit on machines for hours on end doing the same thing every week to obtain a goal I thought I wanted.

Once I peaked and started competing on stage in Men’s Physique I quickly realized this was not my goal, it was a goal I was told I wanted. And working in a gym I see that all the time people being told they have to join a gym to lose weight or get stronger, but that’s not the real reason, people want to lose weight or get strong to be able to do or accomplish something and joining a gym only to lose weight just sounds like a chore. I then set out for the type of well-rounded fitness I really wanted and then the traditional style gym became boring and most programs became boring and repetitive: build muscle, lose fat, build muscle, lose fat etc etc.

Bio Tim Sunderland

I now only train what’s fun to me, I want to be running to the gym like a child at a playground so excited to try out different movements with different tools. This also allows me to have my fitness goal too as I now don’t focus on one style of training but them all, strength, power, speed, gymnastics, kettlebells, bodyweight movement, conditioning, the list goes on. Not the best at everything but good at a lot. And if you enjoy your workouts every day, like a child at a playground guess what happens to your body shape? You build muscle and lose fat.
Now, as a coach I’ve gone from bodybuilding to corrective strength and sports science. I’ve put all my attention into injury prevention / recovery so people can stay working out as hard as they can in the gym and maintain a healthy moving body without pain or injury stopping them. As well as a fitness coach, I am a fitness educator. Travelling the country and the world with ‘Rehab Trainer’ and ‘The Functional Training Institute’, I work as hard as I can to improve the knowledge and practice of other fitness coaches and allied health professionals.

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Cert 3 & 4 fitness
  • Master Functional Trainer
    • Functional Mobility
    • Advanced suspended fitness
    • Power bags
    • Kettlebells level 1 & 2
    • Battle ropes
  • Master Rehab Trainer
    • Rehab Express
    • Rehab fx
    • Rehab Essentials
    • Rehab Masterclass

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  • SMART MOVEMENT foundations rehab certified
  • Barefoot training specialist by Dr Emily Splichal
  • Foundations Level 1, Applied Motor Neurology
  • Level 1 Weight lifting coach with The Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Certificate in Fundamentals of Barbell Training
  • Master Kettlebell Instructor level 3
  • Animal Flow Instructor
  • ZUU certified
  • Altas PT Accelerator program
  • FIAnation Power & speed training
  • FIAnation Nutrition & Weight management
  • Nick Winkleman – The invisible edge
  • Dan Baker Mentorship program
  • Dr. Martin Rooney Coaching greatness mentorship program
  • Pain Posture Performance Stretching and Flexibility certified
  • Gait Happens Top Down Bottom Up gait specialisation


Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma in Fitness

I help people simplify and understand the paths through their challenges so that we can both live meaningful, quality, wholesome lives. I have always been inquisitive and active: playing sports, pulling things apart and putting them back together, trying to understand how things work and how I can make them better.

The sports I engaged in as a child and teen fuelled a passion for technical knowledge and performance improvement. When I was working as an apprentice mechanic, I started Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so in both my trade and my leisure I was seeking to understand the intricacies that helped me improve my performance. To supplement my training (and give me options after I finished my trade), I studied to become a Personal Trainer as well.

Bio Dan Carter

I joined the Army in 2011 in an effort to create meaning and feel like I was contributing to improving people’s lives, somewhere in the world. It was during this stage that I started to really fire up in my passion for training, whether it was in the gym lifting stupidly heavy things, out on the battlefield running and crawling through contact drills, or helping some of my buddies get past their injuries and improve their health and fitness after they, or I, had seen a physiotherapist.

In 2013, I started to sustain multiple injuries through my back, shoulders, and ankles. I saw 3 different physios in 3 states who all gave me different diagnoses of the issues, and I felt lost and confused. In 2015, I ended up seeing a great sports physio who was able to identify my movement patterns which were causing my problems. It was through this physio that I started to really understand how everything is linked together in the body, and I was disappointed as I realized I shouldn’t have had to see multiple professionals to identify how my poor biomechanics were causing these issues. My passion for solving movement challenges and building the bridge from injury to activity was born. In 2016 I started Revamp Personal Training, a rehabilitative functional strength and conditioning business which integrates with Allied Health Professionals in supporting patients from the end-stages of their initial rehab, back to full function and performance in their daily lives. I became qualified in Functional Training, Boxing, and Rehab FX which reinforced that the training methodologies and techniques I had applied with my patients are not only effective but supported by evidence and AHPs in practice. This is where I met Tim, and the journey towards True Technique was set in motion.

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma in Fitness
  • Diploma of Personal Nutrition
  • FTI Master Functional Trainer
  • Master Kettlebell instructor lv. 3
  • Rehab Trainer
  • Australian Combat and Exercise Level 1 Boxing Coach
  • Pilates Matwork Coach
  • NLP Coaching Practitioner
  • Animal Flow Instructor
  • Dr. Martin Rooney Coaching Greatness mentorship program
  • Pain Posture Performance Stretching and Flexibility certified
  • Gait Happens Top Down Bottom Up gait specialisation


I’m an active woman and Mum of 3 with a passion for helping people to live healthier, happier and more comfortable lives. My fitness journey began in 2013 with a lightbulb moment…that I only get one life, and so, in that moment I made the decision to leave my high paid career and follow my passion and the thing that I knew would provide me the most joy, the art of nurturing and moving the human body better!


I began instructing Pilates and after completing my Cert IV in Fitness, incredibly naively popped on a PT hat and at the very same time, a business-owners hat, and kicked off my own bootcamp and mobile PT business. After 5 successful years, I handed my business onto my Trainers I had developed and mentored and briefly (and in hindsight, stupidly) left the industry (for all the wrong reasons). In that time though, I realised what I was put on this earth to do, and so my journey has landed me here, at True Technique, absolutely living my passion. 

I am the Operations Manager for True T and also provide Semi-Private and Private personal training as well as run our True T group classes and I can say without hesitation that I LOVE my job!  

I’ve been active my entire life, from a little girl. At last count, I’ve played/participated in 42 different sports and have played touch football at State and National Levels. Outside of TT, I spend my time hanging, balancing and swinging off anything I can find to challenge me (think Ninja Warrior) and love to cruise my skateboard with my youngest daughter along the shorefront. I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat and my happy place is on top of Mt Beerwah. 

I’ve juggled 3 (amazing) kids, rep sport commitments and a career and business all while maintaining my health. I’m a proud Cancer survivor and along the way, have developed the skills, tools and knowledge to be living my best life, and I’ll help you live yours too. I’ll help you find ways to live a more joyful life and one of less pain and discomfort. I will believe in you more than you do…guaranteed, and I can promise that I will challenge you to be a BETTER you for no one else but YOU!

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • The Art of Breath – Power, Speed, Endurance
  • Master Functional Trainer
    • Functional Mobility
    • Advanced Suspended Fitness
    • Powerbags
    • Kettlebells level 1 & 2
    • Battle ropes
  • Master Rehab Trainer
    • Rehab Express
    • Rehab FX
    • Rehab Essentials
    • Rehab Masterclass
  • Animal Flow – Level 1 ( pending )
  • Pilates
    • Matwork
    • Pilates for Pregnancy
    • Balls, Bands and Circles

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